Stereolithography or Additive Manufacturing, better known as 3D Printing is a rapidly evolving technology that is becoming ubiquitous in both industry and consumer markets. As 3D Printing technologies continue to improve and costs dramatically decline, 3D Printing is becoming more accessible for leaders in education, research, and healthcare. An organizational platform is needed to bring community members in various disciplines together in the Midwest. 

The Midwest Regional 3D Printing Symposium is an opportunity to start this conversation in the extended Kansas City area about utilizing 3D Printing Technologies collectively. Educators, Researchers, and Healthcare Professionals are invited to present and showcase how 3D Printing has augmented their respective professions. The primary goal of this symposium is to promote learning and education on 3D Printing technologies, while building new collaborations between community members and professionals. We invite you to join us on Friday, February 16th, 2018 at the University of Kansas Medical Center to take part in discussing cooperative efforts to leverage 3D Printing for enriching education, research, and healthcare in the Midwest Region.